decorating ideas for balcony

decorating ideas for balcony

hello and welcome my creative tribe. solots of you wanted the video on balcony decor so here i am with a video on thebalcony decor but we'll go one step at a time. so in today's video i will showyou how you can decorate just one corner of your balcony and how you can make acynosure or of all eyes. you know what your balcony can become a window to yourpersonality. so in today's video i'll share the steps involved in decorating asmall corner of balcony. and once you gain the confidence and once you knowwhat are the steps involved in decorating a corner probably someday wein some other video i'll show you how we can do a makeover of an entire let's start. we'll start with

emptying the space. just removeeverything and clean the place. in this video i'm sharing some pocket friendly ideas so you don't need anything fancy. you know we all have those plain-janeand dull looking planters in our balcony. so all you need to do is just add somecolors and liven them up. my tip here is if you want matte finish then you canpaint the pot using water-based plastic emulsion paint and if you love glossyfinish then enamel paint for huge pots and acrylic paint for small pots workbest. third step is to perk up the walls byadding small planters, masks or any other decor accessories like shelves or you can even paint some art on the wall. i decided to

put up masks and i got this beautifulking and queen mask in just 100 bucks because the one maskwas in bad condition. it was broken but i knew it that i'll fix it without mucheffort. here is what i did. i have shilpkar clay so i'll just try tofix this area and fix this one also. so what i'm doing here is i have taken this cardboard and now i'll just keep it over this cardboard. and i'll take measurement of this part and then i'll cut this cardboard and use it on the other side. here! and then with the use of shilpkarclay i'll make this design and let's see how it turns out. that's how it looksnow. this is a cardboard and with the help ofclay i have fixed it here and now it is

drying and this is how i fixed thebroken part here. i just filled the clay here and also i added some details hereon this lady's face and now i am priming it with white acrylic color now let's hang them. we'll now arrange the pots in beautifulmanner in this place. just imagine how it would have looked if all the pots werearranged in a linear fashion. too boring right! so while arranging pots, choose plants and pots of different heights, plants ofdifferent colors and leaves of different shapes and now arrange them by clubbing them together. you can use an empty pot as

a pot stand to create levels. now addsome accessories to enhance the beauty of this corner. we'll add some accessories. it can be a stone or terracotta figurines, fairy garden, gnomes, wind chimes or string lights or if you want to createa zen corner in your balcony then you can use this buddha head or buddha figurine. so i hope you liked the video and gotsome ideas to decorate your balcony. tell me in the comments below which one was the best thing that you liked in this video. and i would like to share one importantnews with you all that i will not be posting any other video in this monthbecause i have some medical emergency

in my family so i'll be on leave but i'llsee you all in april. so till then connect with me on instagram.bye bye! and wish you all love, luck & sunshine!!

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