kallax living room ideas

kallax living room ideas

hey guys david here and i’ve been lookingto update my home theatre setup for a while now. while a nice big tv or new speakers are theobvious upgrades to the setup. i’m going to start with a new tv stand instead. ikea has several different great tv standsoptions available such as the stockholm which looks really nice but it’s a little outsideof my price range. or there’s the cost effective lack benchbut i wanted a closed design to minimize the amount of dust that collects. and then there’s super customizable bestasystem which was my top pick but is only available

in 120 or 180cm in lengths which are justa little too short or too long for my room. so the unit that i ended up getting was theikea byas tv stand. so let’s look at the basic features of thismedia console and how it works out for me. the length of the unit is 160cm so that perfectfor fitting something like a samsung 55” tv (ku6300) that measures at about 124cm longso room on the sides to fit some speakers if i need to. the depth is just under 42cm and is plentyof room to fit a typical flat panel tv stand but not too deep that it ends up taking abunch of room. the center storage area is open and is perfectfor a receiver or cable box that need line

of sight for your remote. or a center speaker for a nice 5.1 setup. the shelf in the middle is also adjustableso you can move it up or down or just remove it entirely. there is about 35 by 51cm of space in hereso measure your devices accordingly to see if they will fit. to the sides of the unit are slide out drawersand this is perfect for keeping devices from gathering dust. again the shelving unit is completely adjustablein here and i find these drawers perfect for

storing gaming consoles like my ps4 with allmy controllers. the back of the unit is not fully enclosedso your devices or gaming systems will get some ventilation even when doors are closedbut i’ll probably open the drawers when playing on my ps4 just to help with air flow. the gaps on the back also allow for decentamount of wires to be routed around and you can choose to hide the bulk of cables in oneof the side drawers away and out of sight. the frame construction is similar to mostentry level ikea products using particle board as the core and with a thin layer of paintand plastic to give it its white glossy finish.while the white plastic layer is a little thin andyou’ll notice it chip away when assembling.

the more heavily used areas like the top andthe shelves have an extra layer of fiberboard so hopefully they’re much more resistantto damage. the overall assembly of the unit is fairlysimple only requiring a hammer for a couple plastic nails and a screwdriver for the restof the screws and locks. the edges of all the panels are also coveredwith some protective tape that’s always ultra-satisfying to remove. overall a pretty nice well designed unit forthe price. while the ikea byas only comes in one color,glossy white, you may have noticed that my unit has a wooden top instead and this isnot a default configuration but a modification

i made. there are a couple different ways you accomplishsomething like this. the more elegant way of doing this is cuttinga piece of wood or something like an ikea countertop down to the right size and reusingthe screws to swap out the default white top but i’m always looking for low cost buteffective ways to replicate the same look. so instead i used contact paper to apply awood vinyl on the top piece to give it the same kind of effect. just as a warning if you’ve never used contactor vinyl paper before be aware that applying it is incredibly frustration to avoid bubbles.

so if you do plan on using contact paper,test it on a smaller project first so you know what you’re getting yourself into. so after swapping out the all white top tothe dark wood design, the ikea byas becomes what i think is a very modern design tv standthat is super functional for keeping a clean system and all at a great price. but what do you think? hope you guys enjoy this one. you know what to do. and i’ll see you in the next video.

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