xmas decorating ideas for small spaces

xmas decorating ideas for small spaces

a simplified tree, a nature inspired mantel,a contemporary holiday accent. add stylish dazzle to your living room this season withouta lot of time, bells or whistles. the secret, find out now [music] instead of getting overwhelmedwith holiday decorating, focus on a few coordinated elements to create a festive living room.first, simplify decorating with an unconventional christmas tree. this noble fir has wide gapsbetween the branches, so you'll need fewer ornaments to make a big impact. second, bringflocking spray to the nursery and ask your tree seller to lightly coat the branch tipsbefore you take it home. you'll get a soft snowy effect with no mess. third, choose justa few colors and use them throughout your decor to harmonize the space. the tree's birchchain garland, wooden ornaments and white

flocking detail reflect the home's neutralpalette. pops of chartreuse and red warm things up. and a touch of silver adds sparkle. carrythe color theme to your wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows. fourth, dress your mantle with naturalelements. the large driftwood wreath and classic white felt stockings provide understated elegance.add tree trimmings and red berries, sticking a few in collectible containers. finally,complete the look with the unique accent. we wrapped small lemon cyprus trees and cozyburlap, and added a red silk bow. the colors repeat the palette from the tree and mantle.and a shimmery silver basket completes the look. by simplifying your color palette andfocusing on the tree, mantle, and a decorative accent. your living room will be the showcaseof the season.

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