wall decorating ideas for bedrooms cheap

wall decorating ideas for bedrooms cheap

(upbeat guitar music) - hey, guys! i'm marissa and today i'mgoing to be showing you guys four diy art pieces for your room. the subscriber of the day is lianna deed. thank you for subscribingand if you guys want to be subscriber of the day,subscribe down below and answer a question thatwe ask during the video in the comments below.

so, now let's go on tothe four diy art projects. to get started, we just taped the paper to the table with some masking tape. after i taped the paper down, we used some masking tapeto make a little plus sign. next, we mixed somedark watercolor paints, a mix of dark blue or black, and painted right over the masking tape. we used some watercolor paper because

we are using some watercolor paint. after it dried, we took the tape off and i think it turned out really pretty. i just love the brush strokes and the way the watercolor turned out. for the next piece of art, we'll be using the same kindof technique by just taping the paper onto the tableso it doesn't slide around. we then just taped in kind ofa random pattern on the paper

but you can tape it to your liking. next, we mixed up somewatercolors and even the crayola watercolors work reallywell for this project if you don't have really fancy paints. but, we used some pinkand dusty rose colors and a little bit of gold watercolor paint and just left little spots of different colors of paint on there randomly. i did pink and gold in itso it would match my room.

again, we just took the tape off and it turned out to be thisreally pretty watercolor paint and i think it's so cuteright next to all of the other pieces that i did, so this one is a reallygood and easy project. for this next project, we took the paper andtaped it to the table again and i used a ruler to make a really light pencil mark on the paper.

i wanted it to have a littlebit of an order to it, the dots being frombiggest to smallest and darkest to lightest on this one, so i used pencil and aruler to make my marks so i would know where to put the paint. i just love having diy art in my room. it just makes it so easy to customize to the style of my room and the colors. i need to give a bigshout-out to my aunt justine.

she's an amazing artist and helped me so much on this project. she is an amazing artist so her handle is brushworkbyjustine if youwant to go check her out. one thing i do recommendusing for this project is a ruler to help your dotsstay in line and be straight because mine kind of went in an arc and it didn't look very straight in the end. i still love the way it turned out though,

but it could be a little straighter. i love this one. it's really easy and ifound that i just love the graphic art on the wallespecially since my room is really bright and white colors. for the fourth piece of art, i wanted to do somethingthat was much larger and i think the size is 20 by 30 paper but i wanted to do an ombre art piece.

this one, we just used aruler and a pencil to make some very light marks on the paper so that we can erase them later. we mixed up some rosypink watercolor paint and this is the paint that youcan get at any craft store. you just find the colorthat you want and then you can add water to dilute the paint to make it lighter or darker. we started with thedark rose color and then

added a little bit of water to our brush every time we did a newsection of the ombre to make it lighter and lighter every time in the left bowl, i have myvery concentrated pink paint and then in the right, i have my water. i'm just so excited for the artbecause i absolutely love it and i think it goes perfect in my room. so, these are three out ofthe four art pieces that i did and this one i love but it's like,

the logo of the swiss army knife and you can see the paintstrokes of the paint brush. this one is like anabstract marble effect. i think it's so cool because you can see the pink and the goldand then this last one, i love it because youcan see the ombre effect from the darkest to the lightest dot and from biggest to smallest, too. i think that's so cuteand then we just put

white frames over it andthen it was all done. i just love the way they turned out. i think they're super cute. okay, and then, right overmy bed is another one i did. it's the striped ombre. the watercolor strokeand it's just so cool because it goes from like,really dark to really light. i think it's so cute. then, the one right next to it,

i actually didn't paint that one. my aunt justine did. if you want to check her out, she has an instagramcalled brushworkbyjustine. she painted this andit looks so cute right next to the pink ombre stripes. i hope you guys enjoyed this diy. comment down below what yourfavorite art project that i did and comment whether you did them or not

and whether you liked them. we would love to see a pictureof your art work on instagram so send us a picture usingthe hashtag #marissaandbrookie and we will like it andsee it and i'm so excited. and give a thumbs up ifyou're gonna try it and i'll see you guys next time! bye!

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