wall decorating ideas for bedroom

wall decorating ideas for bedroom

living in a small space may sometimes feel like your decorating options are limited. however, with just a little ingenuity and some diy know-how, you can convert even the tiniest room into a welcoming and homey environment to go home to. welcome to jansen’s diy and these are 19 ways you can bring new life to your small space. 1. fabulous fabric wall decals. if you are renting, you probably need a temporary method to decorate, especially over those standard white walls rental usually sport. wall decals can be mixed and matched to fill an area creatively and still be easily removed when it’s time to move on. 2. wall art origami style.

there are any number of folded paper objects that can be used together or singularly to add a textural element to a wall or ceiling. even a basic pyramid shape can become a statement of color and texture when repeated and laid out decoratively. 3. hardcover memo boards and picture frames. have a bunch of old hardcover textbook or encyclopedias gathering dust? recycle the guts and hang the covers on the wall to create a one of a kind memo boards or picture collage base. 4. dress up a corner with a collage of photos.

corners are often overlooked as a decorative area. if you can print and crop your own photos though, they are wonderful areas to display those special mementos. keep it simple with just a standard grid layout or add more pizzazz by creating a cubic style shape. just let your inner minecraft creator take flight. 5. frame it out with washi tape this newer invention to hit the market makes creating a wall of framed photos and art even easier. use the same pattern for a uniformed look

or mix it up with several patterns in different styles and colors. 6. create a focal wall with paint whether you apply it directly on the wall or use a base, a boldly painted color pallet in an interesting abstract design will immediately bring new life to your room. 7. hoop it up embroidery style. have a pile of worn out clothes you just can’t part with because the fabric colors or patterns are too fabulous to part with? grab some different sized wooden embroidery hoops from your local sewing supply and give those clothes new life as wall art.

8. tremendous textile hangings. the beauty of this concept is you can do just about anything with anything with, well, anything. fabric, yarn, and found objects can all be combined to create a stunning feature and conversation piece. 9. do it with mirrors. we’ve all probably heard that mirrors make a room look larger. these days you can find more than just the usual flat versions. now you can get creative with 2-d or 3-d versions. stand them alone or put them together in a group.

10. take it “up” a notch. even the simplest shape laid out floor to ceiling will add more dimension and height to a room, or bring more focus to your already high ceilings. 11. fantastic fiber art. turn an ordinary spool of twine or rope into a fun conversation piece. just make sure you stock up on lots of hot glue. 12. if you’ve got them – flaunt them. even with the invention of wireless technology, we all still seem to have wires we are trying to hide.

why not instead, turn these necessities of life into part of your dã©cor. use that you have, or extend the length to turn your tech into wall dã©cor. 13. turn several frames into one tiled piece of art. turn an old map or poster into an even bigger statement by “tiling” it with frames. using multi-packs of matching frames pulls the entire piece together into one overall statement piece. 14. secret furniture art frame. create an homage to the bauhaus concept of “form meeting function” just by using your fold up furniture for a dual purpose. whether it’s a murphy bed or dining table that folds up onto the wall,

use the underside to display photos or artwork when it's not in use. 15. up cycling at its finest. take all those empty shoeboxes and lids gathering dust in your closet and convert them into lightweight frames, shadow boxes, and display shelves. dress them up with colored or patterned paper for added design. 16. wooden planks to vertical definition. go tall or wide or both with leftover wood and paint to bring more focus to an area of your room. if you don’t think you're creative enough for a more involved design, keep it simple by painting each piece a different color, or range of one color from light to dark.

17. chevron style – not just for tiles. create a natural focus up, down, or side to side with wooden chevrons, or arrows. stack or line up as few or as many as your space requires. 18. don’t frame it – clip it. want an area you can change in a snap? pick-up some neutral clipboards at your local office supply store in the same or different sizes to use as an easily changeable art and photo display. 19. make your own stained-glass window. with some glass paint, disposable brushes, and a stencil or other design

you can make your own colorful natural lighting display. need the ability to remove it quickly? decorate a piece of plexiglass cut to the same size as the window. this option also makes it easy to apply the design. simply place the drawing or outline under the plexiglass and trace over it. when you’re finished, use double-sided tape or some wire to adhere or hang your piece in the window instead. and… that’s all for now… for more diy hacks and decorating ideas, stay tune to our channel.

thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next videos…

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