valentine's day decorating ideas

valentine's day decorating ideas

hey everybody! valentine’s day is coming soon and you guys know me, i just love staying at home. so i thought of some valentine’s day things you could do at home! and you could do these with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your family, or your friends! today i'm going to show you guys some diy decorations, gifts, snacks & drinks.. everything you need for the perfect valentine’s day date night.. all you really need to add extra is some good movies, music, photos.. or all of the above! these ideas are super fast, easy, cute & definitely instagramâ worthy! alright, let’s start!

first up we have a diy valentine's day jar just take a jar, any size or shape you want stick some heart shaped stickers on it. press them firmly so there's no air bubbles underneath it spray paint or paint it the colour you like let it dry fully then carefully remove the stickers you can decorate it after with whatever you like.. i'm adding ribbons add some lights or a candle inside to make a little decoration that will look cute anywhere in your home!

or you can pop someone's favourite valentine’s day candy inside and give it as a personalised gift! hey! don’t look! it’s a secret!! how adorable do these look? place them around your home on on the table for your guests. grab some fake flowers from the dollar store or wherever and cut them from their stems. carefully glue the flowers onto a styrofoam ball until it’s fully covered glue the ball onto a vase. i also got this at the dollar store. i think it's perfect all year round as a decoration in your room! you can change it up seasonally. for example bright colours for spring using tulips or lilies!

add a ribbon! and your done! super easy, cheap, and very pretty! alright, let's get into the food! grab some fresh clean strawberries and use a little stick to hold it in place. carefully cut four slits around the outside and fold the petals out. the trick is to make the cuts quite thin and don’t go too far down. i'm not gonna lie, this took me more than a few tries to get this right but when i did they were easy, and really fast to make! then cut the corners to make more petals.

now cut a spiral around all the way to the top and remove the little top bit. carefully peel the petals downward to make a rose shape. stick it on a stick then into a vase. this part is optional. if you want some chocolate on it then melt some chocolate on a stove by taking a bowl filling it with water and bringing the water to a boil. place a big bowl on top then melt your chocolate in the bowl. if you're vegan, i got you girl! you can still make this! just use dark chocolate with no milk additives inside!

pour the chocolate into this thingy i don’t know what it’s called. and instant regret! i think they look better without the chocolate, let's leave them like that super cute and perfect for parties, i'm sure everyone will love these! take some pretzels lay them down on a baking sheet. drizzle some melted chocolate on them for my vegans watching, you can make this with vegan dark chocolate! then decorate them with sprinkles or any candy of your choice place it in the fridge to let the chocolate harden

when they're done place them on a plate and serve! ooo ya, so good! last let's do some drinks you can make some personalized cups by buying glasses at the dollar store and sticking stickers on them you can make it more personal by sticking stickers on it that apply to that person or their name, or initial. next i'm making ice cubes by just taking some strawberries, a little bit of water and blending them into a smoothie pour that mixture into a heart shaped ice cube tray place them in the freezer until frozen. when they’re frozen take them out and place them in a cup with whatever drink you like.

i'm boring and i just like water. but today i'm going to jazz it up with some sparkling water. strawberry flavoured water, delicious! i hope you enjoyed that video! i want to know what you're getting up to for valentine's day! and let me know if you have some cute gift ideas, leave them in the comments.. whatever you get up to, i hope it's with someone you love, i hope you have a great day, and you just have fun with it! happy valentines day! love you!

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