teenage girl bedroom decorating ideas

teenage girl bedroom decorating ideas

my room rules mandi hey guys i'm mandi and this is my bedroom. as you can tell i really like the color pink. but first off i would like to tell you what sports i like to do. this is tennis and we started me and my friend started this summer and i also love to do cheerleading which is over on my dresser. but i got a couple of other things on here that i'll show you. i really love dogs and my dog is sitting on my bed and her name is sweety and i got her for my birthday. but the favorite part of my room would have to be this striped wall.cause it brings in a lot of color and besides all pink. and over here is a book shelf where i have a lot of pictures of me and my friends and down there are my favorite shoes. they're pumas and they have rhinestones. and i love bling and prisms stuff they're pretty cool and thats a picture that my sister painted for me for my birthday this year

my doorways are now ribboned i thought it would be cooler than just like plain doors and i have some clothes in there. and also in here. and i really like girly frilly things like feathers and stuff back here i do my make-up and my hair and i really like my light. it's like a big ball and its pretty cool. but thats pretty much my room. so thanks bye.

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