spare bedroom decorating ideas

spare bedroom decorating ideas

1 2 3 4 5 ... hey everyone, lesley myrick here. i'm an interior stylist and owner of lesleymyrick art + design where we create some pretty kickass interiors with an offbeat edge. so, the guest bedroom. it's a room in your home that isn't used thatoften, but it is one that you want to pay attention to. traveling is stressful! being crammed into a small room without adequateplaces to have your suitcase and your stuff

and charge your phones and - ugh! so, i've got a few tips to help you really elevateyour guest room and create an amazing memorable experience for your friends and family. the first tip is to put all the lights inthe room on dimmers. there's nothing worse than only having a blaringoverhead light and nothing else. when you're traveling, when you're tired,you want to relax, read a book, put your feet up dim the lights, get comfortable - anddimmers are a really easy and inexpensive way to create a wonderful ambiance for yourguests. all your table lamps can be put on inexpensiveplug-in dimmers, and it's an easy job for

an electrician to add a dimmer switch to thewall. another thing i like to do for guests is tocreate an easy-to-access charging station. it's life, guys - people are going to comewith phones and laptops and who knows what else that they need to plug in. i like to make guests feel welcome by havinga dedicated outlet just for that purpose. but, i like to keep it discreet. if you can install it in a drawer that's anawesome way to do it, or on the nightstand. somewhere they can find it easily, they haveeasy access to plug in their devices, and just help them feel welcomed and feel appreciatedin that space.

one little luxury i like to have availablefor my guests are a variety of pillows and duvet inserts. now, this may seem a little frivolous - whydo you need more than one? - but i have encountered it where we have a beautiful feather duvetand someone has stayed with us that has a severe feather allergy. i found it's just a great idea to have a coupledifferent duvets and a few different pillow options on-hand. that way you can really meet your guests'needs and be sensitive to any allergies or needs they might have while they're stayingwith you. every guest is going to need towels, and ifeel like it's always a scramble when you're

entertaining and having guests stay to findenough towels for everybody. what i like to do is to have our family'stowels in one color, and do a different color for guests. that way it's easy for them to recognize,it's easy for you to recognize, and you don't have that awkward moment when your aunt has used your husband's towel and things just get weird. and finally, because none of this has beenreally about design yet and i love design, i like to do something really memorable ina guest room. whether it is a phenomenal accent wall withwallpaper, or a dynamite piece of art, it's

a special space and you want to create a memorableexperience for the people you love who are staying in your home. so, there you go. 5 great ideas to help upgrade your guest bedroom. this should help you get ready for the holidayseason and score major points with your family. for more great design tips hop on over tomy blog at and while you're there you can grab my free ebook, how to bringpersonality to a boring space.

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