simple decoration ideas for naming ceremony

simple decoration ideas for naming ceremony

hey kids!today we are going to make a really pretty looped bow.this is going to be using wire edged ribbon (song intro) it's cookingandcrafting, you'recooking and crafting. it's youtube's best for creative things, it's cookingandcrafting.i have some other videos out that have ribbons that you can make without wire edge. thisone requires a wire edge. i am using stuff that i got at costco, so there is a crap loadof it. two and a half inches wide. we are going to just pull some out here. wewill probably use a bout a yard or so of it, maybe.what we are going to start with is, this is both sides of the ribbon has the same textureand print. there are some out there that have

just print on one side. this technique shouldbe able to work with that. what we are going to do is start first bymaking a circle. and that is going to be the center of your bow. so you need to determinethe size, you know like if you want to make a really big bow, you will start with what,about eight inches of ribbon. i am not going to make mine that big, so i am just goingto use maybe six inches going around. then i am going to pinch the middle here intogether. okay? so it is all going to be held together with my one hand here.then we are going to take this ribbon and we are going to come up from behind it. itis going to be kind of about the same length like that, you know, when you bring them uptogether, and come to the back of the bow

and you are just going to twist it. and youare going to come up on the other side of this bow, and you are going to make it aboutthe same. so you want to pull them up, they come together, bring that down here to theback, pull it in together where the rest of your stuff is twisted. gather it and twist.and you want to continue doing this, depending on how big you want the bow. how many loopsyou want on your bow. you can have three on either side, or you can have five on eitherside, and then you want to just try to make the next ones progressively larger. not superuper dooper larger, but you do want to give it a little bit more space.another thing you are going to need, and i should have had it ready here is you are goingto want some pipe cleaner because we are going

to use this to gather the bow at the i am going to go ahead and i am going to continue this. i have it twisted, i am goingto come around on the other side here, and i am going to check to make sure that theyare all coming together at about the same height here, and bring it in, and let me finish this up and i will come back to you when i am ready to finish this.okay, so now i have my three on each side of the middle and so we are going to showyou how we are going to finish this. i have twisted it here and now we are going to goahead and make a tail. so first you want to make sure that you getscissors that you have dedicated, that you don't care that you are going to ruin themby cutting through the wire. you are going

to decide how long you want your tails tobe. i am guessing these are about nine inches. that way you have a little bit to play pull it out nine inches and bring it back up to the top and give it about an extra inchand a half or two and cut it. what you are going to do is you are going to loop it inthere in the back and you are going to gather. so you have all your loops here, you haveone bit loop here, and then you have your pipe cleaner. your pipe cleaner is going togo through the middle of the first loop that you first made where all the gathers are startingand you want to make sure that you get that first part down there.then, you come through it all, bring it around, and you just tie it nice and tight here withyour pipe cleaner. then you have this nice

big loop here. you can either just make areally pretty side cut like this. where you have the pretty little tails like that.or, you can bring them together like that, if you bring the two together, fold them inhalf and about an inch or so from the top, you go down diagonally and you have a littlefish tail ending there. so now you can go ahead and finish this up.this is your middle, and you can just pull them over to the sides. i always go one toone end, as in my pom pom bow. one goes one way, the other goes the other. it does notmatter that it is not pulled out nicely right now, because you can go back and we will fluffit all up in the end, okay. so there we go. now that we have them pulled out like that,you just go in on each one and that is the

beauty of the wire edge, it doesn't matterif it gets smooshed, you just plump it back up, and you just move it around to where youjust think is just the prettiest and there you go.a beautiful bow. and now the part of the video that i really like, my favorite comments thati have received. (song outro) thank you for watching cookingandcrafting.before we have to say goodbye, make sure you comment and subscribe. and it would be sogreat if you favorite and rate. thanks for tuning in, here's saying "bye kids!"

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