simple decoration ideas for living room

simple decoration ideas for living room

as seasons change and cold nights creep slowlyin its time to think about heating your home. and, what is more cosy and inviting than afireplace and the flickering flames of an open fire? whether it is real or artificial, an ambientglow will give your room a warming and appealing atmosphere. gas fires and electric fireplaces are quick,clean, easy to control and energy efficient. they are a practical option for new buildsand those who want to create an atmosphere but don’t have a chimney for smoke outage. simply choose a version with a balanced flueas it only requires fitting through an outside

wall. the same goes for electric versions whichare even easier – most styles simply plug into a socket with minimal effort. woodburning stoves are a great choice forthose who are looking for the traditional touch but without the mess. they have the performance and fuel efficiencyto heat your home effectively and are economical as heat is encaptulated so less escapes upthe chimney. there is also a wide choice of stoves on themarket from super contemporary made from sleek steel to traditional cast iron in an arrayof colours.

and, lastly but not least there is the time-honoredtraditional open fire. whether coal or log fuelled, there are fewthings as comforting as gathering around an open fire; the sight, sound and aroma playson all your senses and creates the perfect place to hunker down in comfort and neverleave.

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