simple decoration ideas for indian wedding

simple decoration ideas for indian wedding

hiii guys !!!! welcome to anaysa we all girls love to wear saree most we wear saree on occasions especially what we face difficulties during wearing saree is the pleats of saree are not fixed well specially the first pleat of saree take too much time to get fixed our mother wear saree so easily but we wear saree it takes approx an hour to get set only because of pleats

today i am gonna tell you how to fix the border saree perfectly with the help of safety pin and how you can fix saree pleats well quickly doing this will help your saree to remain same while doing dance as well do like and share if you like the video and comment as well and don't forget to subscribe anaysa press bell icon as well so you can get a notification that i have uploaded a new video lets get started today's video 1st we take a corner and start tucking into paticot and complete a round

don't forget to wear heels before wearing saree and remember your saree should be touching the floor now stop for a while now hold the pallu (other corner of saree ) place it on your left shoulder following a round from the back now as per your height decide the length of pallu now start creating pleats don't create pleats like this create pleats like shown in video

now start creating pleats one by one sometimes pleats move from their actual place but if you are creating pleats like this then they don't gonna change their actual place and look clearly in front now leave 1/f4th gap between every pleat and set them well as you can see the gap and pleats are ready now secure all pleats with safety pin

and leave the pleats now fix the pallu a bit tight as per your need try to fix it in angle of 45 from your navel secure it with safety pin now tuck the pleats into your paticot now set the pleats well you can use more safety pins to secure your pleats now tuck the portion of saree that was left now we start creating pleats of pallu

hold one side of pallu and fold it like this and secure with safety pin and put that pallu on your shoulder mark the place where we need to secure the pallu secure the pallu with safey pin like shown in video now secure the left portion of pallu with safety pin this will hide the left portion of pallu and both golden borders will look clearly now secure the pallu on your shoulder with safety pin

don't forget to remove that safety pin which we have put in the end of pallu here we have done with saree as you can see we get the pleats perfectly try these tips and tricks once

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