simple decoration ideas for ganpati

simple decoration ideas for ganpati

pooja jain: hi. this is pooja from valayafnp today on behalf of expert village. this oasis when soaked in water it is like nowyou can see there is no dripping of water because the water is soaked in this oasis.then we have the jute fiber, the jute fiber is used to cover the oasis once it is in thecontainer on the top so that it gives a clean look and no sponge is seen. then we have thetest tube. these test tubes are filled with water and this water is again provided forthe stems. this has a green tape on it which is in sync to the stem so that the test tubedoes not standout. of course, we need the wire to tie up the flowers in the test tubeand match together. i guess now we would start making an arrangement. we need four slabsof this oasis. now to give it a circular shape

what we have done is we take the container,just take it upside down, put it on the sponge, make a frame for it, and just press it a little.once we take it out, we can see that the circular part has come on to the oasis. i will showit to you. it is easy for me because the outline has already been done. now i will start cuttingthe oasis.

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