simple decoration ideas for christmas

simple decoration ideas for christmas

today 'i'mma" do some wrapping hacks so the first thing you do is start with, "yo yo yo, what's up it's your girl wengie here. uh huh *laughs* i try to be funny, but it never works sorry.. *cut* hey guys!, it's wengie and welcome back to my channel it's that time of the week where i get super excited to do this, chirstmasy hug *giggle* and today we're going to get our wrapping a game on and i found 30 of my favorite hacks and diy's to share with you guys

so the next time you give gifts and presents to your family and friends, it's going to be totally unique i got you but hold up if you guys aren't part of the fam already, i encourage you guys to join just click the subscribe button and family members are actually part of the christmas giveaway we're giving away a mac book air next week, so if you guys haven't entered, hurry up and enter it's closing soon all you need to do is be part of the fam we're a super cool bunch and don't forget to turn on notifications as well because apparently some of you guys aren't getting them if you're not turning them on so don't forget to turn them on the other thing you need to do is be part of my, #vlogsquad, which means subscribe to my vlog channel which is linked down below. so don't forget to do that as well and that's literally it if we get this video to one hundred and fifty thousand thumbs up, i'm going to be doing another giveaway super soon.

don't forget to hit that like button and of course i appreciate every single like you guys give me so thank you guys so much so without further ado, lets get wrapping "yo yo kiddin' let's go" *woo* i seen lots of wrapped up cereal box bags, but this hack was super unique, so i had to share it. cut up a cereal box down the middle i chose the side that doesn't have the tab to cut down and open it up like this by cutting down the sides to, so it looks kinda like this when you're done now what you wanna do is fold it in half so you create something like this now fold the bottom side again in half to start creating the guidelines for the box.

now cut down the sides like this to start creating your box and now the middle part is kind of open in a flap, fold down the top section like this the fold should be the same height as the section in the middle and once this is done, cut off the excess sides which are the rectangular corners like this and you should end up with a shape that looks kinda like this, bare with me i know it sounds complicated. but if you slowly work through this it'll be worth it now flip your shape around and start assembling your box, fold the top side in and tuck it under, secure it with hot glue for best results. but i chose sticky tape at this point because i wanted to make sure it was all folded well before i stuck it all together. then fold the sides in, i noticed i had some excess cardboard, so i trimmed it down, then stick the flaps closed, to create the final etch. now this is the fun bit, the flap you now have left can actually be folded over and tucked into the little opening on the other side so it kinda just fits together perfectly

without being taped shut, and simply add a little decoration on the top, and you have a super professional looking gift box, made out of your old cereal box. so cool right? *music and showcasing* *boop* this is a perfect gift box for small gifts or candy, take a paper cup with a pattern that you like. and cut off the top edge of the cup, now fold the cup in half and trim off the top so it is straight and even and now seal your box closed with some pattern washy tape along the top, i chose this super cute glittery washy tape and i think it's so perfect for this pattern at this point you can pop your gift inside, and then hole punch one side, and attach a tag for the finishing touch. this is literally so cute, i had to make it again with another colored cup, and another colored glitter washy tape

and you can try as many different designs and combinations, because it's literally so easy and fun to make, but it looks amazing and unique. *music and showcasing*

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